Process and Materials:

Every item at Hosta Designs passes through hands and machines. Beginning as simple pencil sketches that are subsequently cut, carved, drilled out using a CNC router, the pieces inevitably find their way back to the hand for sanding and fine tuning. Like any artistic practice, it is the process of finding the right tool to make the desired mark. 

Every length of lumber is different in coloration and tone, which means each Hosta Designs item is unique to you. All wood is locally sourced around Ann Arbor, MI, where the shop is located. Hosta Designs items are in American hard woods such as walnut and maple and sometimes cherry. Pieces are finished in Mahoney's walnut wax and oil, which is kid-friendly, allergen-friendly, and food-grade quality.



Shipping and RETURNS:

We strive to keep up inventory, and sometimes pieces end up being made to order. Please allow 7-9 days from placing your order. All Hosta Designs items ship USPS Priority Mail to USA and Canada. Email us if you require international shipping. We can arrange for this. If you need your item sooner, email us and we can arrange faster shipping.

If you are unhappy with your item, no worries. Let us know and we will start the return process and refund your money. 

Care of wood:

Wood is a living material, which means that over time, wood will change. It is alive just like us. Changes in humidity, excess water and other elements influence these changes. Wood does not like dishwashers or being submerged in bubble baths. But feel free to use a slightly damp soft cloth to clean Hosta Design items and dry immediately if you wash with water to remove food bits. A neutral oil rub may be needed after 1-2 years if your items gets heavy use.